About Us

John S. Coffey, P.E. founded the company in order to bring a unique brand of customer service to his clients in the local land development community. After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1995, John headed west and settled in San Diego County, and ever since he’s contributed hands-on to the engineering, surveying, and planning of over a thousand projects in the local region. He takes pride in having an encyclopedic knowledge of the myriad of local ordinances and requirements which play a major role in development decisions.

We have an appreciation and understanding for the variety of civil engineering solutions required for a variety of project types. From the careful artistic sensitivities required on custom homesites, to the rigid value engineering of industrial projects, and everything in between, we understand the nature of the business.

Our philosophy is to assist wherever we can with what can be an exhaustive and complicated process for any developer, homeowner, contractor, attorney, or design professional. We’re here to help. Let us know how we can help you.

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