Meet Our Staff:



Michael Kinnear, PE, QSD, Vice President of Operations  

Michael manages our engineering production team and company operations. He also serves as Project Manager for our more complex land development projects. Michael stays abreast of the latest regulatory compliance rules and implementations of stormwater treatment and flow attenuation. If your project involves right-of-way work or other transportation issues, grading design, stormwater filtration or attenuation systems, Michael will likely have a hand in the solutions.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, UC Davis
  • Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, California 76785
  • Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD), California 26468
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers



Dan Valdez, PE, QSD, Vice President of Engineering  

Dan manages our engineering design and implementation standards, and brings his solid experience in subdivision design, field construction management, grading, roadway, and improvement plans to his multi-faceted role at Coffey Engineering. You’re likely to find Dan serving as Project Manager for projects with complicated terrain design, slope restorations, and difficult regulatory problems.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado
  • Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, California 76074
  • Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD), California 21156




Eric Meermans, PLS, Vice President of Land Surveying

Eric manages the survey production team from field data collection to final exhibit and drawing production to management of field and office technology. He is also responsible for most of our higher-complexity boundary surveys and easement interpretations, field crew support, and client communications.

  • BA, Geography, San Diego State University
  • Surveying Certification Program, Cuyamaca College
  • Licensed Land Surveyor, California 9523




John S. Coffey, PE, PLS, QSD, President

John founded the Company in 2007, after learning and refining the practice of civil engineering and surveying practice in San Diego County and Southern California since 1995. He has a hand in more than two thousand local civil engineering and surveying projects, and believes in considering the ‘big picture’ as early in the process as possible. Mr. Coffey currently serves as the company’s principal expert witness and forensic investigator.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1995
  • Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, California 62716
  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyor, California 8733
  • Qualifed SWPPP Developer (QSD), California 26788
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Member, California Land Surveyors Association
  • Member, CLSA Professional Development Program





Charlene Nash, Chief Financial Officer

Charlene brings over 35 years of accounting and administrative experience in the construction, design services, and engineering fields to her position. She also lends an important hand in project milestone and budget tracking, and no stone is left unturned or detail left to chance with her at the watch.

  • BS, Business Administration/Accounting, San Diego State University



Chad Schindler, Survey Manager

Building on many years of survey experience in the field and office, Chad is in charge of survey project proposals and mapping research, ensuring they are properly launched and managed. He typically provides our primary office and calculations support for our field survey operations, and well as juggling a busy operations schedule.

  • BA, University of California San Diego
  • CAD Training, Palomar College



Curran Miller, Survey Party Chief

Curran is a valuable asset to the surveying department as the Party Chief in the field. From field to finish, he leads our primary survey crew out on the project site. If your project includes topographic surveys, boundary surveys, construction staking, or other field data collection and monitoring, Curran, with the aid of the latest land surveying technology, will see that your project gets off the ground on the right foot and is properly field-managed.

  • BA, Geography, California State University Long Beach



Anthony Piro, Survey Rodman

The Field Survey Rodperson is like the grease in the wheels of a successful field survey. Anthony brings many years of knowledge and expertise to his position, which includes searching for and recovering monuments and boundary evidence, documentation, and providing general support to the Party Chief.

  • Palomar College, San Marcos



Feliciano Rodriguez, Project Manager

Feliciano’s 30+ years of combined experience in field construction management, civil engineering design, and the permitting process of our local municipalities make him a very important catalyst and facilitator for your engineering projects. He will foresee a wide range of potential issues related to utility design and conflict, grading and drainage, traffic safety, and stormwater quality.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana



Michael Rein, EIT, Project Manager

Michael brings his attention to detail and strong educational background to his varied role at Coffey Engineering. Michael manages a number of our firm’s complex civil engineering projects, but you may also see him developing exhibits, preparing drainage and stormwater reports and documents, providing stormwater support, and providing hands-on design and drafting for your project.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, San Diego State University
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers



Gerardo Perfecto, Engineering Designer

The firm was very pleased to welcome Gerardo to our team. He efficiently and masterfully applies his education and expertise to the production and processing of grading and improvement plans and permits, engineering and mapping exhibits, drainage and storm water studies, and other project support documents.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, San Diego State University



Claire Chamberlain, Engineering Designer

Claire possesses a strong knack for detail in drawing design, graphic exhibit preparation, hydrology and hydraulic studies, and stormwater compliance reports and documents. She oversees a wide variety of project types. Her steady focus and diligence will likely play a big role in the timely completion of your project.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, San Diego State University



David Kelleher, CAD Administrator

David has spent a good deal of his career with a few highly-regarded civil engineering and technical firms in the San Diego area, so we were very pleased when he decided to join our team.  His 35+ years of combined experience in CAD and board drafting have made him the cornerstone of our CAD operation.

  • AS, Surveying Technology, Cuyamaca College
  • Diploma, Drafting and Design, NE Institute of Industrial Technology



David Smith, Project Planner

With the increasing complexity of permit processes and documentation throughout the region, David Smith’s tenacity and experience make him a very valuable member of our team.  If your project is in need of navigation through the rough waters of agency approval, David is likely playing a big role.

  • Denver Institute of Technology
  • San Diego Mesa College



Erica Chavez, Administrative Assistant

Erica manages the many complexities of our busy land development and litigation support practice. If you’re having any trouble determining which resources you need assistance with on your project or case, Erica is your best bet to getting it figured out.

  • BA, Psychology, California State University Long Beach